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We welcome you to Wake County Public School System's in-house digital flyer distribution service. Wake Community Flyers offers youth-oriented agencies, businesses, and organizations a direct monthly connection to WCPSS student families. That's right, flyer distribution at the schools has turned digital! For $35 per school ($25 nonprofit), you have the opportunity to digitally reach over 160,000 students and their families. With color printing costs averaging $340 per school, that's quite a savings.

We understand your goal is to get your flyers seen and convert your purchased advertising into sales. And parents want to know what options are out there for their children. We can help get your flyers seen by giving you the freedom to strategically choose which regions, schools, and grade levels you want to advertise to specifically. Then the conversion comes from your intelligently designed flyer and strategically crafted website. Note that there are restrictions on who can advertise with us and what your flyer must include per board policy. Read the important notice in the box referring to board policy.

So, what else do we have to offer? Explore our positive attributes below that aid in bringing views and clicks to your flyers and business websites.

WCPSS Schools

The data below represents the 2022-2023 school year.

Monthly Stats - Wake Community Flyers

The data below represents average monthly results.

Important Notice
All advertisers must meet the below WCPSS board policy criteria on flyer distribution to place an ad with us.
  • Be a local, state, or federal government agency and department;
  • Be a non-profit organization that offers educational, recreational, cultural, or character development activities or programs for school-aged children, including but not limited to scouts, YMCA or YWCA, organized youth sport leagues, etc.;
  • School/business partnerships or incentive programs that directly enhance or support the school's educational program; and
  • Community colleges, universities, and other non-profit institutions of higher education.
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Video Introduction

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Advertising Details

Below outlines the service package available, advertising deadlines, and extras.

Basic Advertising Package

The basic package includes an email to WCPSS families based on school(s) selected that links to a school-specific website containing all paid advertiser flyers for that school. The email is delivered to WCPSS families that have not opted out of this service.

The cost of a basic package is offered in two ways: regular and nonprofit. The nonprofit pricing is open to those that can show proof of their nonprofit status via being listed in the IRS Tax Exempt Organization listing. Have your Employer Identification Number (EIN) ready when creating your account.

Regular: $35 per flyer per school per monthly email.

Imagine reaching over 160,000 students and their families in the Wake County area serving nine regions and over 190 WCPSS schools!

Nonprofits: $25 per flyer per school per monthly email.

View a PDF detailing which schools fall in which region of Wake County Public School System.

Extra Advertising Options

The extra options are purchased in addition to the basic advertising packages. Pay attention to the limitations and requirements listed below.

Header Scrolling Image (View sample)

Each of the school-specific webpages includes a maximum of five scrolling images in the header section of the page. Scrolling images are known to grab attention due to their use of photographs and color. The images are on a timed scroll and are ordered on a first-come first-served basis.

Vendor pricing for extras is the same for regular and nonprofits. The basic package must be purchased for each school-specific webpage you plan to include an image.

Regular & Nonprofits: $175 per school plus basic package for school(s) selected.

Featured Flyers: Webpage & Email (View sample)

The featured flyers are optionally included in the emails and school-specific webpages and are an additional cost to the basic package.

The first option requires an additional purchase of the basic package for each school chosen. The second choice requires a basic package purchase of a full regional grade level in addition to the extra costs. An advertiser can choose to purchase a single feature flyer option or both.

1)Webpage Feature: $125 per school plus basic package of school(s) selected. A maximum of ten features per school-specific webpage are available per month.

Example: 4 schools with webpage features.
(4 schools x $35 reg. basic packages) + (4 schools x $125 webpage features)
=$140 + $500 = $640

2)Regional Email Feature: $19 per school per regional grade level plus the basic costs for all schools in that regional grade level. A maximum of six features per regional grade level email are available per month. You must have selected a full regional grade level in the basic package to have access to this extra.

Example: 1 flyer in central region elementary schools with email feature only.
(1 central elementary school region = 14 schools x $35 reg. basic packages) + (1 central elementary regional email feature = 14 schools x $19)
=$490 + $266 = $756

Advertising Deadline Each Month

Ad emails are sent the first of each month. Review PDF for specific due dates.

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